Wearing Moriarty Westwood
  1. if thats not punk i dont know what is

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    one of my all time favorite quotes

    i’m going to let this inspire me for the rest of all time

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    i wrote a song about a tortilla

    actually its more of a wrap

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  4. peikachu:

    sometimes chris evans looks like a sweet golden retriever and you want to pet him and bask in his sunshiny smile


    and other times he looks like a fucking greek god who could nail you into the mattress and then spoon you like a princess afterwards


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    god i hope my history teacher doesnt get extremely offended by this

    we have to adapt a story to be about something weve been studying and read it to the class

    my group is doing the very hungry hitler



    so hitler took poland

    but he was still hungry

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    Beetlejuice cosplayers at London MCM Expo, bloody brilliant

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    overly manly guys confuse me. why do u need to be so manly. what r u hiding. did u clean ur history full of gay porn from sean cody already

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